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(All Links are to pictures for reference purposes and may not be the actual picture of the item exactly. Items are actually made to order)

Rental Pricing

Description SKU # Price
SkyDancer Fan SDR-F $75
Internal Light Kit SDR-L $12
SkyDancer Red 45' SDR-45 $150
SkyTube SDR-T $50

Prices are for a day or an evening event. Multi-day rates are available upon request. There is a $35 tech charge which includes delivery and setup in the Omaha area and includes heavy gage extension cords. The SkyDancer Red 45' (SDR-45) requires 2 SkyDancer Fans (SDR-F) to operate. Internal light kits are per fan. Some of the other characters below may be available for rental. They are at a higher rate and will have a shipping charge.

Accessories Pricing

Description SKU # Price
SkyDancer Fan (1 HP) SD-F $749
SkyDancer Fan Speed Control for SD-F SD-F-S $180
Indoor Whisper Fan (1/2 HP) SD-FW $599
SkyDancer Internal Light Kit SD-L $93.99

Solid Color Figure Pricing

Description SKU # Price
Per Foot SD-TF $6.86
SkyTube 25' SD-T2 $167
SkyTube 35' SD-T3 $234
SkyTube 50' SD-T5 $334
SkyPuppet 16' SD-P1 $402
SkyPuppet 25' SD-P2 $452
SkyDancer 25' SD-25 $801
SkyDancer 45' SD-45 $1601

SkyTubes & SkyPuppets Only Require 1 Fan To Operate. Custom figures or products replicas can be made.

25' Character Pricing

Fall Characters

Description SKU # Price
Scarecrow SD-C-SCA $1525
Witch SD-C-WIT $2685
Frankenstein SD-C-FRA $2175
Skeleton SD-C-SKE 2400

Miscellaneous Characters

Description SKU # Price
Businessman SD-C-BUS $1275
Hula Girl SD-C-HUL $1715
Jester SD-C-JES $1029
Clown SD-C-CLO $1400
Girl/Guy Dancer SD-C-DAN $888
Puff Boy SD-C-PUF $888
Striped Man SD-C-STR $988
Chef SD-C-CHE $1145
Tuxedoman SD-C-TUX $1029
WindGod SD-C-WIN $2865
Uncle Sam SD-C-UNC $1029
Cowboy/girl SD-C-CBY $1400
Mr. Excitement SD-C-EXC $1648
Bride SD-C-BRI $1888
Groom SD-C-GRO $1145
Rock Star SD-C-ROC $2100
Alien SD-C-ALI $1029

Sports Characters

Description SKU # Price
Cheerleader SD-C-CHE $1100
Football Player SD-C-FOO $2925
Soccer Player SD-C-SOC $1675
Basketball Player SD-C-BAS $1675
Hockey Player SD-C-HOC $1875
Race Car Driver SD-C-RAC $1715
Karate Man SD-C-KAR $1300

New Wild Life Characters

Description SKU # Price
Cow SD-C-COW $1800
Frog SD-C-FRO $1900
Tiger SD-C-TIG $8800
Lion SD-C-LIO $8800
Parrot SD-C-PAR $8800
Firewalker SD-C-FIR $1500
Palm Tree SD-C-PAL $2500
Striking Snakes SD-C-SNA $1900
Rose, Tulip, Daisies SD-C-FLO $1700

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